Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations

Author - Greg Williams

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Book Language : English

Book Format : Paperback

Publisher : Jaico Publishing House

ISBN No. : 978-93-86348-82-1

Book Edition : 0000-00-00

No. of Pages : 224p


How to read any opponent and get what you want In today’s competitive economy, the way you react – or don’t – can make a profound difference in a deal. Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations reveals surprising insights into the way body language, expressions and emotional intelligence influence the outcome of every negotiation. Whether you’re sitting at a poker table with your friends or across the board with members of your company, every movement, every expression, every flinch matters. Think of this book as a guide that will get you the best deals and successes. Interpret non-verbal messages. Learn to read your opponent’s body language and micro expressions. Turn those silent cues to your advantage. Greg Williams has over 30 years of experience in negotiation and reading body language. He is an accomplished author, speaker and trainer who is recognized worldwide for his knowledge and insight on those subjects. Williams has advised, consulted with and lent his expertise to numerous small and large corporate organizations. He lives in New Jersey, USA.


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