Global Food Security

Author - Joshi, Seema

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Book Language : English

Book Format : Paperback

Publisher : Himalaya Publishing House

ISBN No. : 978-81-8488-689-4

Book Edition : 2010

No. of Pages : 292


This book is an outcome of the joint international conference organized by the Department of Management Studies, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (MS) India and CETYS University, Baja California, Mexico, CETYS and NMU are partners in various activities for the last couple of years and the cooperation has proved to be one of the most fruitful relationship between the two universities. Contents : 1. Food Safety Management System : A strategic Assurance For Food Security-A Case Study of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. 2. Food Security in India 3. Climate Change, Food Scarcity, Poverty and Social Inequality In Mexico`s Coastal States 4. Managing Post-Harvest Losses of Fruits and Vegetables: Strategic way to Food Security in India 5. Causes of Pesticide practices in Farming and Remedial Solution to Food Security 6. The Role of Biotechnology in Sustainable Food Supply to Bestow Food Security 7. Management of Natural Resource for Food Security 8. Climate Change and Food Security 9. Causes and Consequences of Food Insecurity 10. Experiment to Achieve Self-Reliance in Food Production A Case of Small Farmer in India 11. Information Technology : A Means for Attaining Global Food Security 12. Biosurfactants: An Economical and Eco-Friendly Sustainable Tool for Global Food Security 13. Global Food Security : Indian Economy Perspective 14. Role of Food Processing Industry for Food Security in India (With Special Reference to Haldiram`s Food) 15. Global Food Crisis is Food Security Human Right Perspective 16. Agricultural Development and Food Security 17. Food Insecurity with Focus on India 18. Food Security through Family Owned `Small Farm` 19. Green Revolution and Food Security : Criticisms, Impacts, Problems and Risks 20. Root Causes of Food Insecurity and its Remedial Measures 21. Food of Fuel? Need for De-conflicting Food and Energy Security 22. Indian Agriculture`s Role in World Food Production and World Food Crisis in; Causes, Trends and Solutions 23. Agricultural Development and Food Security 24. Role and Importance of Genetically Modified Food in Improving Food Security for India 25. Fermentation: An Economic Approach to increase Mineral Content of Food to Conquer Food Security 26. The Global Crisis is: Causes and Remedies 27. Role of Food Processing in Securing Food Security 28. Global Food (Grain Legumes) Security and Role of Biopesticides 29. Role of Information Technology in Watershed Management and Food Security 30. Food Security-Global Scenario 31. Managing Waste for Combating Global Food Crisis 32. Controlling Land and Water Degradation in Asia for Food Security 33. Food Security and Preservation of Soil Health through Bio-Fertilizer 34. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Food Security in Mexico : An Outlook towards the year 2015 35. Green Revolution and Food Security : A Global Concern 36. Impact of Technological Innovations on Food Security in Rural India.


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