Quantitative and Financial Decision Analysis

Author - Agarwal, O.P.

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Book Language : English

Book Format : Paperback

Publisher : Himalaya Publishing House

ISBN No. : 978-93-5051-049-9

Book Edition : 2017

No. of Pages : 550


Financial decision-making, among uncertainties is very very difficult. Finance managers have to face such situations while predicting future data or projected data. Readers and students of management studies are required to learn this Decision Science. Knowledge of breakeven point is not only essential in certain under certainty risk but also under uncertain situations Decision-making is an art and science both. Art in the way that it is based on considerations of various inputs and is a science because it is dependent on various rules / formulas and ratios. For a student’s of management studies, it is an essential subject to understand for management of any corporate or organization where there is profile planning and control / capital expenditures to be made / evaluation of investment opportunities / expenditure and capital budgeting / risk aversion needed / competitive strategies and resources allocations / stimulation techniques utilities required in financial decisions / optimal capital structure to be maintained / lease financing as against own borrowing / debenture financing and receivable management / decision in mergers acquisitions and reorganization / replacement of assets / problems in financial decision-making / cost volume profit (breakeven point) / regression analysis / analysis of variance / statistical forcasting techniques / auto-correlation and decision-making under uncertainty, etc.


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