Electricity & Magnetism for JEE Main & Advanced (Fully Solved) 5th Edition

Author - Er. D. C. Gupta

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Book Language : English

Book Format : Paperback

Publisher : Disha Publication

ISBN No. : 9789384905507

Book Edition : Fifth edition (2015)

No. of Pages : 632


The third book of Disha’s IIT-JEE Physics Super Success Series, Electricity & Magnetism has been written in the flavour of the new pattern of JEE Main & Advanced. The present book “Electricity & Magnetism for JEE Main & Advanced” contains 10 chapters. The book covers Electric field, Charge, Potential, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Thermal, Chemical & Magnetic Effects of current, EMI, AC Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves. The book also provides a base chapter on “Mathematics used in Physics” so as to develop a better understanding of the subject. How is the book different? In each chapter, a large number of examples along with numerous methods of analysis and short-cuts have been given in a systematic manner to assist the students to understand the concepts of the subject. The book has been designed in such a manner that it will be 100% useful for CBSE Board, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The strength of the book is its flawless theory which is missing in most of the other books. The theory has been dealt in great depth with discussion of a huge number of Solved Examples (depicting various cases possible in numerical problems) with near to real-life diagrams so as to provide 100% conceptual clarity to the students. At the end of the theoretical portion of each chapter a quick Review of Formulae and Important Points, which the students must always remember, has been provided. The book has been enriched with inclusion of a number of latest and new problems in 6 variety of exercises, be it Multiple Choice Questions, More than one correct, Statement Questions, Passage & Matrix type Questions, Subjective Integer Type Questions, Subjective Questions. The various questions covered are: 1. Solved Example Discussions 2. MCQ 1 Correct Questions 3. MCQ more than 1 correct Questions 4. Assertion Reason type Questions 5. Multiple Matching Questions 6. Passage based Questions 7. Integer Answer Questions 8. Subjective Questions Finally the book provides hints and solutions to each and every problem of the book. All the 6 exercises have been fully solved. Table of Contents 0. Mathematics Used in Physics 1. Electrostatics 2. Capacitance & Capacitors 3. DC and DC circuits 4. Thermal and Chemical effects of Current 5. Magnetic Force on Moving Charges & Conductor 6. Magnetic Effect of Current 7. Permanent Magnet & Magnetic Properties of Substance 8. Electromagnetic Induction 9. AC and EM- Waves


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