New Simplified Mechanics 1 for Class XI, JEE Main & Advanced 6th Edition

Author - Er. D. C. Gupta

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Book Language : English

Book Format : Paperback

Publisher : Disha Publication

ISBN No. : 9789385576171

Book Edition : 6 edition (2015)

No. of Pages : 596


The latest and updated 6th edition of the Mechanics 1 book has been given a total makeover and has been made 100% user friendly. The book is now titled New Simplified Mechanics 1 for Class XI, JEE Main & Advanced. The ‘New Simplified Mechanics’ book is designed according to the NCERT pattern and latest trend of JEE (Main and Advanced) exams. Students can use the book together with NCERT books. A lot of important and sample questions have been included in this new edition. Each chapter in this new edition is divided into parts to make the book handy. The various parts are: Theory of the chapter followed by Formulae used in the theory, Strategy of solving problems, Examples to understand the relevant concepts and In chapter exercises. At the end of each chapter, more miscellaneous examples are given for JEE preparation. The In chapter exercises consists of subjective Integer Answer Questions. Further in each chapter, 5 categories of practice exercises for JEE are given including all the new pattern of questions - MCQ 1 correct, MCQ more than 1 correct, Assertion & Reason, Passage and Matching based Questions. The first practice exercise (MCQ 1 correct), in each chapter, provides gradation of questions in 2 levels and are further divided topic-wise. The last exercise provides Previous years’ questions of JEE (Main and Advanced). Last four years KVPY questions are also incorporated at their appropriate places. Each chapter is provided with number of ‘Notes’, which points out the misconceptions the students might have. “Boxed items” are introduced in many chapters to highlight some special features of the content requiring additional attention of the learner. The present format of the book would be useful for the students preparing for Boards and various competitive exams. About the Author: Er. D. C. Gupta (M-Tech) is a renowned faculty of Northern India for IIT-JEE training.


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